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Great app. Simple, easy to use. It took me about a minute to teach our fleet guys (most technology challenged) how to use it. Great to have almost instant results before anyone leaves to dock.
This app is easy to use and great for running club racing for radio controlled sailing. I have run seven events with it , so easy and quick to publish results.


Sail scoring with the Afleet app makes it easy, and it takes less time. Using an Android tablet or phone we can typically score a race (single fleet) in less than one minute.

If you’re like us you love radio sailing. You attend club days. You might attend regattas. And (lucky you) you might be responsible for scoring some of these events. If so, read on; this is for you.

The Afleet app is all about making it easy for those wonderful people who do the scoring for us. It takes time, and we all care about the results, so it has to be accurate. And, of course, we want the results now; because we want to get home.

Keeping club day or single fleet regatta scores up to date is simple and fast. We can have the results of a regatta before the last boat, in the last race, has been put back on its stand.

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