Great Feedback from South Australia

Here’s something from Tony White, Commodore of the South Australian Radio Yacht Club…

“Just to tell you how simple it is: I entered everyone in and handed the tablet to my 10yo son, and just told him to tap the sail numbers as they finished.

He handed the tablet back to me at the end of the day said you come second dad, here’s the results.. So testimony to how easy!

Tony went on to say:

I have been promoting some DF65 sailing on behalf of a councillor in my community in the housing development system of lakes (I live in)

Figured it was a good time to trial the software away from the club.

I have wanted to remove the paper at waters edge and also the long calculations double checking process which is what the PRO and Scorer hate (especially when everyone is looking over their shoulder)

Full marks to the software – it ticks those boxes perfectly

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