Getting Started

The Getting Started Video outlines basics for the A-fleet App. This page breaks down the video into steps, with explanations on each step. If you get stuck please Contact Us with questions.

Good Luck!


First Time Use (and after upgrades): Accept the License Agreement (not shown on video)


Video: Initiate Event Editing  (0:14) From the Events Screen, click on the Edit button (Pen).

Note: first time usage defaults to this screen. Use the “Hamburger” button (top left) and click on your event name (or “Event”) to get back to the Events Screen.

Video: Change Event Name (0:16) Change the name of the event.

Video: Save Event Details (0:24) Click the Save button.


Video: Entries Screen (0:30) Click on the “Hamburger” at the top left of the screen  to bring up the navigation drawer. Click the “Entries” button.

Video: New Entry (0:38) Click the “+” Button in the top right corner of the screen.

Video: Enter Basic Entry Details (0:42) Enter the name and sail number of the first Event Entry.

Video: Save Entry (0:45) Click the save button.

Video: Enter Remaining Entries (0:50) Repeat for the other entries in the event.


Video: Race Screen (1:13) When all skippers are entered, click on the “Hamburger” at the top left of the screen  to bring up the navigation drawer. Click on the Race Button (this will only work after entries have been added to the event). You should now be in the Race Screen. This is where you start recording the race scores. In portrait mode you click sail numbers at the bottom, in the order that boats cross the line. If you turn the phone/tablet to landscape mode the process is the same; with a slightly different layout. Use whichever orientation is most comfortable for you. You can switch between orientations without losing any data.

Video: Finish Boats (1:32) Click the sail number of the first placed boat (32 in the video) with a quick click. It is important to make sure fingers are clear of the rest of the screen, or the click won’t register. Continue with other finishes for that race.

Video: DNF etc (1:41) Long press on a sail number to register DNS, DNF or other non-finishing outcomes for that boat. Also used for “un-finishing” a boat (Return to Scheduled).

Video: Remaining Races (1:53) Click the plus button, on the top right, to create the next race, and move onto it. (You can later use “<” and “>” to move backwards and forwards through the races. Complete the remaining races (as above).


Video: Score Screen (2:15) Click on the “Hamburger” on the top left of the screen to bring up the navigation drawer. Click Score.

Video: Scroll Score Screen (2:22) Drag the scores to scroll left/right/up/down (if the scores go outside the boundaries of the screen).


Video: Initiate Share Scores (2:30) From the Score Screen, click the Share button on the top right of the screen.

Video: Share Scores (2:33) After pressing the Share button your phone tablet will pop-up any apps that can be used to share the file (Gmail, Email, Dropbox, Google Drive etc). Make sure you have a suitable app to share the scores.

Video: Select Sharing App (2:35) Click on the icon for the app you will use to share the scores (In the video, we use Gmail).

Video: Enter Share Details (2:40) Fill in the appropriate details (addresses/file locations). If email/gmail etc, you can do a Race Officer’s report or add any other details.

Video: Send (2:47) Send the message/mail (or save the file).


Video: View Shared Results (2:57) The event scoring is in HTML format. This can be opened by an email recipient or posted to your club website. Some clubs post this file directly to their website; others save as pdf before loading to their website.

We hope this gives you what you need to get started, and that you enjoy using our App. Many people have told us how A-Fleet has made their radio sailing scoring easier and more enjoyable. Please Contact Us with any questions, and place Feedback at Google Play