Export and Import

Some of you asked for and export/import facility – so we have added one. Now you can:

    • Export to another device
    • Backup your results


  • Select the Event you want to export (Events menu for that event)
  • Menu (three dots on top right hand corner)
  • Export
  • Choose where you want to export to. Google Drive, email etc
  • Select the location to export to
  • Save


These instructions are written for Google Drive. You may also have success with other apps.

    • Locate the exported file in Google Drive
    • Pick the menu options for the file (triple dots beside the file)
    • Open With
    • A-Fleet
    • OK
    • Your event will be loaded as a new event and made the current event. Old versions will not be over-written
    • Contacts (related to the event) will be added or updated


    • It’s good to backup critical events prior to updating A-Fleet. We do our absolute best to not break your data. Backups provide an extra layer of protection
    • When running a major event, backup every few races
    • You can export an event and send it to anyone with A-Fleet. For example, you can set-up an HMS event (with seeding), and send it to the race committee to load onto the scoring tablet