Removing Support Older Devices

Afleet will be removing support for older devices later this year. From 1 September 2024, we will only be supporting Android 8.0 and higher.

Why are we doing this?

– Issues are more prevalent in older devices, and generally harder to resolve. (And we try to resolve as many issues as we can)

– To provide you with some planned features, we need to be working with newer devices.

We suggest:
– Please take the opportunity to upgrade your tablet if you can. We hope you have found Afleet sufficiently valuable to your club, that you will find the device upgrade worthwhile. You will probably find good deals (new or used) on more modern devices.
– If buying second hand, try to get a device that is more recent than Android 8.0 (which will be 7 years old in August 2024). The later version you get, the longer we should be able to support you.
We believe that we can support more people, more effectively by taking this step. We hope that people with older devices will understand and be able to manage the change.
Please feel free to ask contact-us to ask questions.
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