500+ Downloads

Afleet is proving popular around the world. With support for 6 languages (thanks to the translators) and huge encouragement from a wonderful user base, we have reached the milestone of 500+ downloads. Thanks to all who have encouraged, made suggestions, helped with translation and (of course) downloaded the app. It is encouraging to see how …

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Price Rise Coming Soon

A-fleet will be raising prices towards the end of June. If you are considering buying A-fleet, don’t be caught by the price rise. Get it soon. A-fleet is putting considerable resources into new developments, and this price rise will offset some of the costs. Hence the price rise. Your feedback is that A-fleet is great …

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Multi-Fleet Trial

We have a multi-fleet version of A-Fleet ready to trial. It has been used successfully at regional events in NZ, and we now want you to give it a really good work-out. Here is an example of results of a 2 fleet regatta, scored using A-Fleet. Results Waikato IOM Championship If you are interested in trialing …

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A-Fleet Now in German Language

The latest update of A-fleet features a German language option. If your device has German as the primary language, all you need to do is ensure you have the latest version of A-Fleet installed. Thanks to Oli for providing the translation, and Alan (from NZ) for your input.

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