500+ Downloads

Afleet is proving popular around the world. With support for 6 languages (thanks to the translators) and huge encouragement from a wonderful user base, we have reached the milestone of 500+ downloads.

Thanks to all who have encouraged, made suggestions, helped with translation and (of course) downloaded the app. It is encouraging to see how many people love the app, and use it every week at their clubs or regattas. And it seems we have only just scratched the surface of people who would benefit from the app. There are just so may radio sailors out there! We would love to reach more of you.

If you have radio sailing friends who you think would benefit from Afleet, we would love it if you sent them a link to this website or our facebook page. Or, if you are new to Afleet, maybe give AFleet a try: Get it on Google Play

Happy sailing


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