Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


We collect A-fleet app diagnostics and crash reports. This will help us to help you.

We only use this information to help fix crashes and to understand how people use the app. We won’t share it with anyone else.

About this Policy

We want you to get the most from Afleet. To do that we collect some information about your usage. This policy describes what we collect, and how we will (and won’t) use that information.

Information about crashes and usage

We work very hard to keep crashes to an absolute minimum. If your app crashes we want to know about it, so we can find the problem and fix it. We also like to know which features people use, so we know which ones to enhance.

We use Firebase Crashlytics to collect:

  • Crashlytics Installation UUIDs (Unique Identifiers)
  • Crash Traces
  • Information about usage of app features

How it helps: Firebase Crashlytics uses crash stack traces to associate crashes with a project, send email alerts to us and display them in the Firebase Console, and help us debug crashes. It uses Crashlytics Installation UUIDs to measure the number of users impacted by a crash.

Retention: Firebase Crashlytics retains crash stack traces, and associated identifiers (including Crashlytics Installation UUIDs) for 90 days.

Privacy: Under normal circumstances we won’t identify individual users or devices. If you contact us for help, we may ask you for additional information to help us identify which crash came from your device. But that would be your choice.

We will not use information collected to send you promotional material.

Note: parts of this section have been extracted from Privacy and Security in Firebase. Please visit that page for more details. “Examples of stored device information” (on that page) illustrate the types information collected.

Coming soon

We will soon be adding features that provide you with the option of logging in. When that happens, Afleet admin will have access to a list of users that register a login (name and email address). We will use that to help you with any difficulties with the new services. We will not use these details to market to you.

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