About Us

About us

John is the developer, and a keen radio sailor. He’s sailed at hundreds of club days and dozens of regattas (including a world championship). John figured there had to be a better way to manage the scoring, and set about discovering it.

Many people have helped along the way.

Graham has insisted that things are right. “The scoring should be immediate”, “I didn’t understand this bit”, “Have you documented the code?”

Daniel – technical and website.

Others have tested: Graham is the best breaker, followed closely by David. Rod suggested improvements to the screen navigation. Steve used it in the field and found tricky problems I hadn’t thought of.

Others have encouraged: Steve “Try this software that John wrote”; Karl “You should charge for this”; Ian, Alan “This should go international” ; Rob “Yes – that’s the way I thought it should be”; Ken – web photo; Karl/Steve “When is it going to be multi-fleet?” (MYA HMS is included as standard now!)

Now that the app is out there and being used internationally, we are getting lots of suggestions from you, the users. Please keep those suggestions coming. You can contact us here

And the greatest encouragement of all from many people: “It’s simple!”

So – “About Us” is really a thank-you to all those who have contributed to getting A-fleet this far around the course.

We hope you enjoy it.

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