Use “People” to Edit or Delete Skippers

Have you wondered (as one user did) what the Afleet Tools/People menu is about? Here is what I said to Alan…

Most of the time you can ignore the Tools/People menu. You’ll have noticed that when you add an event entry you can look up an entry that you entered in another event. Those people remain there, even if you delete all the events. But what if John McPherson decides he doesn’t want to sail any more? You don’t want his name coming up in the search list. So you can go to the People screen and delete his name (unless you have him entered in an event that you have not deleted yet).

Another scenario is that you spelled his name John MacPherson. You can go into the People screen and take the “a” out of his surname. It will then ripple through to all events (that you haven’t deleted), and for future entries.

I hope this helps. We welcome questions and suggestions. We are doing our best to make scoring your club days as simple and painless as possible. We want to focus on the sailing! Please Contact Us. Your are helping us to improve Afleet.

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