Club and boat details – easier to enter

You may have noticed that remembers skippers from week to week. This makes it quicker to set up an event. We have enhanced that feature to include all details of the sailor: Name, Sail Number, Club, Hull Design and Hull Number.

To use this feature:

  • make sure you have downloaded Afleet v1.29 (or later)
  • on the Entries screen, press +New
  • use the search (magnifying glass) button, or start typing in the Skipper field
  • existing skippers (not already entered in this event) will pop up
  • select a sailor
  • Afleet will populate the Skipper, Sail Number, Club, Hull Design and Hull Number with the last recorded details for that sailor
  • You can revise details as required. Afleet will remember changed details for next time (but will not overwrite details for other events)

Thanks to Steve for this suggestion. It will save a lot of time for setting up larger events!

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