Which Tablets can I use for A-fleet Sail Scoring?

We have updated details on supported Android versions on our frequent questions page. Anything after early 2015 is likely to be fine, otherwise, please check that page.

Many of our users have bought Android Tablets specifically to run the A-fleet Scoring App . Suitable tablets have the following advantages:

  • inexpensive tablets available
  • clubs can purchase them, so scoring is not dependent on one individual bringing their phone
  • the larger screen is easier than a phone for many people

So we are building a list of inexpensive tablets that people have told us work well…

  • Samsung Galaxy A6 7.0″
  • DL8006
  • Hudl 2

If you have a different Android tablet, it should work if it meets the specifications on the frequent questions page. But if you need to buy a tablet, the above list may be a good starting point.

Thanks to those who who let us know what you use. If you have other inexpensive tablets that you have worked well for A-fleet, please share with us at Contact Us and we will post here.

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