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Which Tablets can I use for A-fleet Sail Scoring?

A-Fleet will run on any tablet on Android 7.0 or later. (Later is better as we add features)

Many of our users have bought Android Tablets specifically to run the A-fleet Scoring App . Suitable tablets have the following advantages:

  • inexpensive tablets available
  • clubs can purchase them, so scoring is not dependent on one individual bringing their phone
  • the larger screen is easier than a phone for many people

So we are building a list of inexpensive tablets that people have told us work well…

  • Samsung Galaxy A6 7.0″
  • DL8006
  • Hudl 2

If you have a different Android tablet, it should work if it is Android 7.0 or later. But if you need to buy a tablet, the above list may be a good starting point.

Thanks to those who who let us know what you use. If you have other inexpensive tablets that you have worked well for A-fleet, please share with us at Contact Us and we will post here.

Note: We previously advised that Android 4.1 and above was OK. There are problems with sharing for pre-Android 7.0, so 7.0 is now the minimum level we recommend. We are working on a workaround for earlier versions