Problem Adding Event Entries

There is a small possibility that you may have problems adding an Event Entry. If you found you tried to add an entry from a previous event, and it would not add, read on…

The cause of this problem may be data corruption from a (now fixed) bug. This bug allowed you to create two contacts with the same spelling, but different capitalization. Example – you may have contacts of “John” and “john”. When you try to add “John” to an Event, A-Fleet may crash. When it restarts, “John” will not be added.

It is unlikely to occur, but if it does, you can fix the problem by selecting the matching contact (by selecting the Contacts screen) and renaming it. Example: change “john” to “John Mc”. Problem solved!

Once solved, you should not have this problem again. The latest version of A-Fleet does not allow you to create contacts duplicated in this way. Please keep your copy of A-Fleet up to date by updating at A-Fleet on Google Play (from your phone or tablet).

Apologies for the problem. We pride ourselves on keeping A-fleet problem free, but some things slip through!

If you have this problem, and can’t resolve it, please Contact Us

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